Miller Farms Tour

Once on the Miller Farms, Mark and his two sons Chris and Shane will talk about irrigated and dry land corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle and the equipment that they use.

The Miller family is dedicated to teaching visitors about the food they eat, while letting them experience a bit of farm life in a fun, safe, and interactive atmosphere.

Come see what farming in Nebraska is really like!

Stop #1

As your group steps off the motor coach and on to Miller Farms, they will be stepping into the heart of a family farm and into a corn field (Don’t worry, the road next to the corn field is paved). Here, the group will get to explore how gravity irrigation works while also learning about the different corn hybrids that Miller Farms grows and how they apply pesticides through gravity irrigation along with the efficacy of this method of irrigation.

Stop #2

From there, they will board tractor pulled transportation, and mosey their way to the pivot irrigated corn. At the pivot, the group will not only see a working pivot up close, but will learn about grid sampling fertilization and the efficiency of pivot irrigation compared to gravity irrigation.

Stop #3

The next stop, dry land corn and wheat fields! Here, Chris will explain how they use wheat as a rotational crop to raise better dry land corn.

Stop #4

Your final stop in the alfalfa and grass field, the group will explore how hay and other nutritional grasses are grown so that the cattle are feed a well rounded product all year round.

At the end of the tour, Miller Farms will transport you back to a paved road where your motor coach will be waiting for you.

To book your farm tour contact Amanda Connick at 308-532-4729 or
(Disclaimer: Order of tour may change due to crop rotation. Crops may not look like pictures due to the timing of your tour.)

Miller Farms Itinerary