Jeffrey Lake

Jeffrey Lake, south of Brady, has 595 surface acres and is the second largest lake on the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District Supply Canal. More than 120 cabins and homes have been built on its shore and it also offers numerous recreational opportunities.

Central opted to build dams across small canyons rather than building flumes or siphons to convey the water through the canyons during the excavation of the Supply Canal. The result was 26 smaller lakes of which Jeffrey Lake is one of them.

Jeffrey Lake also serves as fish and wildlife habitat. Since the Supply Canal carries water throughout the year, the area is a magnet for a wide variety of aquatic birds, fish and mammals. The Lake is plentiful with Big and Small mouth Bass, Walleye, Crappies, Catfish and other indigenous species.

Winter remains an opportunity for the public to watch bald eagles that congregate along the canal below the hydro plant to catch fish. The turbulence created by the operation of the hydro plant prevents the water immediately below the plants from freezing and creates excellent conditions for eagles and other waterfowl to catch fish. Jeffrey Lake also serves as a midway stop for the Sandhill Crane during their annual migration south.

Activities at this Location:

  • Birding
  • Fishing