Cody Park Wild West Memorial

At the entrance to Cody Park, you’ll find the Wild West Memorial. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the larger than life sized bronze statue of Buffalo Bill donated to the city of North Platte by the citizens of Great Britain.  Surrounding the gazebo housing the statue are the flags of the states and foreign countries in which Cody performed with his Wild West Show.

In 1882, the North Platte town fathers asked Buffalo Bill Cody to organize an Independence Day celebration to be held at what is now Cody Park. He named it the Old Glory Blowout, and it sparked the idea of the Wild West Show in his mind. He took the show on the road in 1883 and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West took the world by storm.

It took an army of entertainers to pull off Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show.  These entertainers, the cowboys and Indians, trick riders and shooters, are honored here as well, at the site of the precursor of the Wild West Show.

Activities at this Location:

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