O’Fallon’s Bluff

Southeast of Sutherland

O’Fallons Bluff is a 20-mile section of hills located on the south bank of the South Platte River in Lincoln County, Nebraska. Near Sutherland, the bluffs come very close to the river bank and the early travelers were forced to either travel very close to the bluffs or transverse the bluffs and travel overland. Much of this rugged country has never been farmed and remains of the Oregon-California Trail are still quite visible.

During construction of Interstate 80 through Nebraska, the highway passed the area of O’Fallons Bluff. A rest area one mile south and seven miles east of Sutherland was constructed. At this location are some of the most clearly defined and preserved segments of the Oregon-California Trail. As hundreds of thousands of people travel 1-80 East they have an opportunity to view evidence of the great westward migration of the American people in the 1840’s – 1860’s.