Historic Sites & Monuments

Historic Sites & Monuments

North Platte has more than its share of historic sites and monuments. At the crossroads of several pioneer trails, the first transcontinental railroad, and generations of settlers and residents have created an interesting tapestry that weaves its way through our communities.

20th Century Veterans Memorial

The busy crossroads of the Eisenhower Memorial Interstate System, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Highway, is the perfect location for this 20th Century Veterans Memorial.  The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard as well as the volunteers of the North Platte Canteen are memorialized by bronze statues. The five major conflicts of the 20th century from... View On Map

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Buffalo Bill State Historical Park

It’s Buffalo Bill’s ranch, of course it gets his Buffalo of Approval. You don’t have to take his word for it, there’s tons of reasons this State Historic Park is a must-see for visitors. Originally the 4000 acre Scout’s Rest Ranch, the historic park now consists of 16 acres that contain Buffalo Bill’s home as well as barns, outbuildings, and... View On Map

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Cody Park Wild West Memorial

At the entrance to Cody Park, you’ll find the Wild West Memorial. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the larger than life sized bronze statue of Buffalo Bill donated to the city of North Platte by the citizens of Great Britain.  Surrounding the gazebo housing the statue are the flags of the states and foreign countries in which Cody performed... View On Map

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Downtown North Platte Historic Walking Tour

In 2010 the North Platte Historical Preservation Commission published a self-guided walking tour of the downtown area of North Platte. Fast forward to 2020, and the U.S. National Park Service has approved the listing of the “North Platte Commercial Historic District” on the National Register of Historic Places. Now known as the North Platte Canteen District, North Platte’s downtown has...

Fort McPherson National Cemetery

Nebraska’s oldest National Cemetery, Fort McPherson is the final resting place of veterans of the Spanish American War, Indian Wars, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf War and Iraq.  Four Medal of Honor recipients rest here, three of whom served during the Indian Wars and one who served in Vietnam. Established in 1863, the original fort... View On Map

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Lincoln County Law Enforcement Memorial

The Lincoln County Law Enforcement Memorial pays tribute to those officers that gave their lives in the line of the duty. It gives the community a solemn place to honor those officers that selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their communities. Lincoln County has lost 11 officers in the line of duty since 1916. The governing body of the... View On Map

Maxwell Veterans Memorial

Located in Maxwell is the newly added Veterans Memorial.