Showcase North Platte

Enjoy a roundup of all the great attractions North Platte has to offer, whether you're spending a day, a weekend or longer!

North Platte, Nebraska: How To Enjoy A Perfect Weekend

Located in West Central Nebraska, North Platte offers some experiences you won’t find anywhere else, from the opportunity to explore Buffalo Bill’s ranch to the fun of floating down a river in a stock tank.

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A postcard from North Platte, NE

Two years ago, Steve and I stopped in North Platte for a couple days while on a road trip through the great state of Nebraska.

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Trained in North Platte

Imagine a town with the largest classification railroad yard in the world. Think of a place where the military trains roared through during World War II carrying six million servicemen. Volunteers offered all of these passengers food, coffee, and cigarettes at the depot’s canteen. Learn of a 1913 post office in that town being revived to become an art training center and gallery as well as a community meeting center. That town is North Platte, Nebraska.

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Old West Family Fun in Western & Central Nebraska

Technology continues to speed ahead, but there’s still an allure to wild west history and stories. North Platte, Nebraska played a big role in the westward movement when horses and trains ruled the roads. In fact, the Great Platte River Road was the main route followed by those heading west. Today, visitors can drive by vast fields of prairies and visit the world’s largest railway yard. Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Shows are still a big draw in these parts.

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North Platte, Nebraska: Beer, Squeaky Cheese & Summertime Fun, Part 1

Our goal is North Platte, Nebraska was to go tanking. We did and it was all we had hoped and more. However, our North Platte adventures didn’t stop there.

The Mayor of Heidi Town had so much fun in North Platte, that you’ll see her adventures in Parts 1 AND 2!

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North Platte, Nebraska: Beer, Squeaky Cheese & Summertime Fun, Part 2

We truly enjoyed our time in North Platte, and while this summer has been far from normal, it felt like summer in Nebraska.

Enjoy Part 2 of Heidi Town’s adventures in North Platte!

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17 Fun Things to Do in North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte is best known as the home of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, whose historic ranch and mansion are one of the many things to visit.  The fun doesn’t stop there though you will find many more things to do in North Platte.

In fact, taking from the buffalo Bill theme, the Lincoln County Visitor’s Bureau recommends the best attractions through its “Buffalo” of Approval.

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Visit North Platte #Roadtrip #VisitNP

This summer we decided to do a little bit of a staycation. You know- I have lived in the state of Nebraska all my life, but in a city of Omaha. It wasn’t until we moved out west that I realized there is so much more to do and see in Nebraska then just what is in our cities. So this summer I wanted to show you some of that and we spent a few days in North Platte.

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North Platte

The city is still proud of its Bailey Yard, in 1995 deemed by Guinness World Records as the largest railroad classification yard in the world, at 2,850 acres. A high-tech visitors center, complete with the eight-story Golden Spike Tower ($7), opened on the south side of the tracks in 2008, giving casual visitors and hard-core rail fans a bird’s-eye view of the intricate operations. Drive west on Front Street from downtown and you can’t miss it.

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A Visit to Buffalo Bill's Nebraska Home

While I arrived with zero expectations, I drove away pleasantly surprised after spending two days exploring this fun little community that completely embraces the “wild west”.

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