Travel Bloggers Visit the Lincoln County Historical Museum

The story of the westward migration that passed through the Platte River valley... the settlement of the Great Plains... and the heartwarming story of the North Platte World War II Canteen fascinates travel bloggers and visitors alike!

Learning About the North Platte Canteen at the Lincoln County Museum

To write an epic novel, typical themes included are adventure, self-sacrifice, heroism and even a bit of romance. This tale includes them all and even has enough home cooking to keep foodies happy. The best part of all? The story is true. The North Platte canteen added such an interesting element to the World War 2 home front.

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World War II Canteen, 1800s buildings highlight Lincoln County Historical museum visit

To get an excellent idea of the area’s history, you should stop by the Lincoln County Historical Museum in North Platte. The museum grounds are home to a look at the story of the Platte River valley.

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The North Platte Canteen: World War II History I Never Knew

During World War II, six million troops came through North Platte on the train and they all were welcomed by North Platte Canteen, a volunteer effort to feed these men home-cooked food while they were stopped in town. It’s a beautiful story of patriotism, fortitude and volunteerism.

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The North Platte Canteen: A sacrificial love story

The 20th Century Veterans Memorial stands in Iron Horse Park southeast of Interstate 80’s Exit 177 at North Platte, Nebraska. Like many other veterans memorials, every service is represented. Unlike any other veterans memorial, North Platte’s memorial has a Canteen Lady, Rae (Wilson) Sleight. Her presence is a question begging for an answer. Who were the Canteen Ladies?

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