3 Native Plants to Look Out for On Your Next North Platte Adventure

By Olive Dawson

There is so much to see and do in North Platte that you’ll probably have a hard time finding time for it all! Visiting the region can be easily accentuated with all of the beautiful vegetation in the area. Keep your eyes peeled for these native plants to look out for on your North Platte Adventure!

Aromatic Aster

This beautiful and interesting looking flower is easy to spot with its blue and light purple petals. The petals are quite thin and straight making them look like blades. The Aromatic Aster is a small wild flower and is easy to find when visiting the North Platte area in the fall.

 Purple Poppy Mallow

Another easy to find flower that is a native plant of Nebraska is the Purple Poppy Mallow. This plant, also known as the Winecup, lives up to its name and looks like a purple or fuchsia colored wine cup that sits on tops of green stems. The best time to spot them are during the day as the blooms open in the morning and close at night.

Clove Currant

Growing at up to 8 feet tall, the Clove Currant is another gorgeous addition to the North Platte landscape that is sure to catch your eye. Spring is the best time to see these yellow flowers bloom as well as get a whiff of their strong scent. Summer visitors will be able to spot the Clove Currant thanks to the black currants that grow in place of the blooms.

Whatever season you visit the North Platte area there is always something to catch your eye!

Olive Dawson is a gardening and landscape design writer and environmentalist. She is always searching for new ways to reduce waste and grow food organically. She is most proud of her homemade beauty products.