6 Interactive Experience Locations You Will Want To Visit

Six awe-inspiring places you can find right here in North Platte.

1. Buffalo Bill State Historical Park









This beautiful site is a must-visit. You will get to see inside Buffalo Bill’s mansion and barn. Every individual room is decorated with either authentic furniture used by the Cody’s or period-appropriate pieces. Even the wallpaper is a reprint of the original paper personally designed by Buffalo Bill. Dive into the luxurious home life of the buffalo-hunting legend himself.

2. Cody Park Railroad Museum









Here at the Cody Park Railroad Museum, you will be able to walk up and onto the massive locomotives, learn more about the operations within the trains, and sit in the conductor’s chair. All this makes for a very impressive experience.

3. Fort Cody Trading Post









Fort Cody Trading Post claims the title for the biggest and best souvenir shop in the entire state of Nebraska. But don’t let that acclaim fool you, it’s not only a souvenir shop. Inside, you will also find a museum, a bookstore featuring western-themed reads, a miniature replica of the Wild West Show with 20,000 hand-carved figures, and much more. Also, you can see the unusual calf born in the 1940’s with two heads! This is a stop worth checking out!

4. Golden Spike Tower









At the Golden Spike Tower, you will learn everything there is to know about the world’s largest railyard from a former the most knowledgeable  Union Pacific railroad worker. Have all your questions train and railroad answered by the most knowledge people around. Go on to the 7th floor observatory deck.

5. Lincoln County Historical Museum









The Lincoln County Historical Museum contains many exhibits, including the can’t-miss Canteen exhibit. You will discover the story of how over six million soldiers were fed in North Platte during World War II and even a love story that blossomed during that time from a simple popcorn ball. In the back, there’s also a village with a school, barber shop, church, cabin, and other buildings waiting to be explored.

6. Children’s Museum










There’s so much to do at the Children’s Museum! Bring the kids on in to explore all the different “worlds” including a medical center, transportation circuit, market place, pirate ship, and fine arts area. The young ones will have an absolute blast as they travel through each hands-on field.


~About the Author: Lisa van Donk is a longtime North Platte resident and has completed her second year at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in English. She previously served as an intern at the North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau.